Multi-Modal Augmented Reality for Training Healthcare Professionals

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Roy Eagleson
University of Western Ontario
Eleni Stroulia
University of Alberta

Multi-modal, augmented reality-based and game-like simulations improve surgical and clinical training and build collaborative skills critical to professional health team problem-solving. Physical realism combined with virtual reality develops visual-spatial skills and helps rehearse specific healthcare procedures. 

Prototype virtual world training simulations in development include: the handoff scenario when paramedics bring an accident victim to the ER, a virtual world with real world mobile sensors for students from various health disciplines to learn basic factual knowledge and procedures related to physiological processes, and control of a laparoscopic tool under different perspectives, varied lighting conditions and typical obstructed views to assess the effectiveness of surgical skills training.

HLTHSIM will use virtual world scenarios to train future health professionals to better collaborate in teams and enhance clinical-diagnostic skills.