Children’s Digital Culture: Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating in a Digital World

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Alissa Antle
Simon Fraser University
Joanna McGrenere
University of British Columbia

Digital mediation is pervasive in the lives of children and youth. Recent advances in enabling and user interface technologies, including touch technology and large surface displays, are being rapidly adopted by children and youth, and have the potential to change the ways children learn, play and connect.

Prior research in children’s media culture, which draws on the humanities and social sciences, has been largely distinct from design, technology and child-computer interaction research, which draws on scientific and engineering disciplines.  The new research will concern how children and interact with computer systems using gesture, touch, speech and modalities of human perception and movement not yet tapped into by traditional HCI.

DIGIKIDZ will focus on understanding, designing, developing and evaluating child-computer interaction in the rapidly changing landscape of digital media and technologies that enable children to connect, communicate and collaborate.